Samantha-Jane Gray


Samantha-Jane Gray

Based in Los Angeles, California, Samantha-Jane Gray, is a dancer, choreographer and instructor . She is passionate about movement as creative expression, through dance and art, and also as an experience of our  health, physicality and spirituality. Born in South Africa , she graduated with a BA in Law & Organizational Psychology at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg . She then moved to Vancouver where she trained at the well renowned Arts Umbrella Professional Dance Graduate Program.

Samantha is drawn to physicality in all art forms, and over the last 10 years has had the privilege of performing in ballet companies, contemporary projects, multi-faceted works . She has also partnered with lighting designers , musicians and film producers to create her own works in Canada, South Africa, Germany and most recently the USA.

For 2 years, she toured in the critically acclaimed ‘Ghost of Violence’ production by the Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada .  As part of this production,  she and her outstanding international cast and crew, partnered with federal and non-profit organizations to promote awareness and address the issues surrounding domestic abuse . This was a” challenging and rewarding experience, and an incredible honor to portray the stories of these brave women. It was humbling to use the dance art form, as a platform to engage and promote discussion on pertinent issues. “

A unique sense of theatricality is a strong factor for Samantha in her projects. plastic orchid factory, with its original score, adventurous costume design and story-telling routed in somatic exploration, embodies this notion. Samantha was fortunate enough to have shared the stage with these talented artists, not only for the Dances for a Small Stage ,but also, the popular Dance in Vancouver Festival .



Further collaborations:

Events: Opening Ceremonies Vancouver Olympics 2010
Created collaborative works: IGNITE! Calgary Interplay Projects. Vancouver Kinetic Studios. Halifax
Photographic Collaborations: Jim Mneyneh. Ken Meyers. Peter Eastwood Photography.
Featured in Films:Beyond Boxes” aired in Sweden & Bumbershoot 2012 created by Sonia Segavu on a work by Henry Daniel for the opening of The Fei & Milton Wong Experimental Theatre
Collaborator : shared stages with musicians and actors – The Media Club , Vancouver City Dance Theatre, Rio Theatre.
Fashions showsThe Art Institute, Vancouver